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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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from some prominent republican voices for trump to step ased, including new hampshire kelly ayotte and john thune. and also within the past few minutes, this from the "wall street journal" quoting trump as saying, "zero chance i'll quit." and "support i'm getting is, quote, unbelievable." i want to bring in nbc's hallie jackson, fellow road warrior, following the trump campaign for us today. within the last hour we have learned that not only will trump not be attending this afternoon's event in wisconsin, neither will his running mate, mike pence, and getting this new statement from mike pence. so what do you make of all of this? is this basically a moment of chaos? >> reporter: yeah. it is, kristen. my phone is like burning my hand, just because of how much sort of has developed in the last hour. and i think the two key moments since we last spoke about 45 minutes ago are the new pence statement, and senator john thune, just within the last about five minutes, coming out now withdrawing his support of
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donald trump. this is significant. he is the first member of gop congressional leadership to withdraw his support. i remember chasing him down in the hallways at these press conferences in capitol hill, months ago, when judge curiel was developing and the khan family comments happened, through it all. you have seen members of the republican leadership supporting trump and that is now changing. and what i think is significant way. we were watching last night around midnight when the apology video came out. and jason chaffetz, the congressman from utah. there was some question marks of whether this would really be the dam breaking. we are starting to get our answer. i want to also talk about -- and i'm pulling it up on my phone here now, the statement from mike pence, speaking out for the first time. we had heard a report overnight that he was, quote, beside himself about donald trump's comments, and here is what he is saying today. that as a husband and a father, he was offended by the words and actions described by donald trump in the 11-year-old video. and here's the key, kristen.
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he says, quote, i do not condone his remarks and i cannot defend them. since he joined the ticket, mike pence has been the loyalist of donald trump's loyal soldiers. he has come out, he has defended him, he has been sort of a faithful ally by his side. you saw that in the vice presidential debate this past week. pence is now looking ahead to donald trump's performance sunday night. and i will tell you this. so are a lot of republicans. it's the thing i keep hearing again and again in text messages and phone calls. tomorrow night is make or break. i actually want to pull up something i heard from somebody very close to the trump campaign from somebody who supports donald trump and i'm scrolling through here now. if he doesn't do super well on sunday, he needs to bow out. this is somebody who supports return it, who has been a trump backer. who is now concerned about his performance tomorrow night. we thought the stakes were high the first debate, kristen. tomorrow night is going to be extraordinarily significant. and i think what we see develop in the next 24 hours will be, as well. if we continue to see members of gop leadership like john thune
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coming out and revoking their support of donald trump, vulnerable senators. we have already seen people running in races for the senate. joe heck, kelly ayotte, the drip, drip, drip turning into potentially a flood. but again, i think we have to say happens in the next 24 hours. tomorrow night is extraordinarily significant in that respect. >> i think you're absolutely right. and, of course, we cannot underscore this enough. this is donald trump. he is a unique candidate, he has been from the very beginning. and part of what his supporters love about him is his ability to withstand these moments. and, of course, donald trump just told robert costa, he is absolutely not getting out of this race. now trump was teflon during the primary, hallie. i think you're right, this moment feels different in part because we're so close to election day. how does -- does he get -- if he has a bad debate performance tomorrow night? >> here are -- well, a bad
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debate performance tomorrow night is a nail in the coffin, i think. here are two things different about this moment. you're right. kristen, we've been out there for the last 18 months. how many times have we said this could be a moment or we've heard pundits say that or sources talk to us about this. here are the two differences. number one, we are one month away from election day. timing, right? number two. this is donald trump himself speaking these words. rit? when you listen to this tape, hear this audio. i have had had gop strategists say to me, this connects more sciss sciss scissor advise rally to voters about apprentice comments. in a way when they see alicia machado, here's what donald trump said to me years ago. hearing it from trump himself in that way, might be different for voters now. you're right in that trump supporters -- i'm curious to see what happens at the next rally after the debate. i don't think based on what we have seen the last 14, 15 months, it's not going to change their perspectives.
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they are his core, his base. they are with him. as you know, that is not enough for donald trump to win in november. the question is what these undecided voters are going to do, what the suburban white women, for example, the college-educated women, how they feel about it. and i think you're starting to see some of that reaction reflected in congressional leadership. >> hallie, very quickly before i let you go. you have been standing outside of trump tower for many months now. how does today feel different? obviously, you talked about rudy guiliani just went in. how does this moment feel different to you, to sort of observing -- and absorbing everything going on there? >> reporter: yeah. so it's interesting, right? because it actually in the response from the trump campaign kind of feels like what we have seen in the past. they are hunkering down. kellyanne conway, his campaign manager, just walked in the door, laughed, there is no truth, confirming what we have heard from others, donald trump is going to get out of the race. that is not happening. but they are -- it's a bit of a -- i don't want to see bunker
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mentality, but they're in there. sensible word is it's debate prep, not a crisis management meeting, getting ready for tomorrow night, continuing to do fund raising. their team is continuing to send out rapid response e-mails about hillary clinton. you know, putting donald trump on television last night at midnight in that video statement that was sort of predone, that went out on facebook was different. we obviously have not seen that before. but i think that there is a sense -- this is not july. right? this is not a controversy that happened in may. this is october. this is the beginning of october. and there is just not enough time to let this potentially sort of drift away or sort of float off into the ether and be consumed by the news cycles. we're close to the election here and that's what makes this different. >> timing makes the difference. hallie jackson, really appreciate it. and joining me now on the phone, former rnc chairman and current msnbc political analyst, michael steele and here in studio, former rand paul adviser, elise jordan. thanks to both of you. michael, i want to start with
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you. you heard hallie jackson talk about the fact this moment feels better. you and i have been here before with donald trump. i always ask you, is this the moment. is this moment different? >> no, this moment is extremely different, because it's uniquely personal. as hallie noted, you have a videotape of donald trump speaking in his own words. using those words. and having that kind of a conversation. it's not a hearsay thing, not something someone said and you don't have any evidence that's exactly what donald trump said. here you do. so that's the first piece of this, that makes this different. the second piece is what you already noted about how the campaign has responded to it. out at midnight with a facebook live video. sort of pushing back and saying, "i'm sorry." using the word "i'm sorry" about this. and any impact that it's having. that's the second piece that's different.
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and the third piece, you now having members of congress. senators and congressmen alike, who have been, you know -- hesitant and reticent to say anything, not just going past saying anything -- removing their endorsement all together. so this is serious. this is a seriously potential death knell for this campaign. it has resonated in a very strong, negative way across the country. and tomorrow night is do or die, as has been noted. >> potential death knell, so you do think he can survive. what does he need to do tomorrow night to survive this, michael? >> survival with three limbs? okay, yeah. you know. survival with two limbs? still surviving. but, you know, you've lost something valuable in the process. i think that we're going to have to wait to see how the country as a whole reacts to this. we know how the democrats and the clinton campaign is reacting. we know how certain others who weren't necessarily trump supporters to begin with are reacting. i think we're going oh have to
10:11 am
wait to see how this plays out. and from what i'm hearing from the people i talked to in the last 24 hours, particularly voters, they're going to be tuned in tomorrow night to see his demeanor, his words, and whether or not they get a sense that, yeah, this one i really screwed up. >> elise, let me let you jump in here. we obviously got this statement from mike pence denouncing donald trump's statements and saying he can't defend them. but he also says, you know, effectively look forward to seeing what he does tomorrow night at the debate. what do you make of the pence statement? is this someone who is potentially positioning himself to take over the number one spot? >> mike pence is giving donald trump a long rope for tomorrow night. so that he can hang himself. nothing good is going to come out of donald trump being in that debate tomorrow night. he has shown consistently that his response to this crisis is just making it absolutely worse. and i think that's the advice he's getting from his top adviser right now.
10:12 am
looking at kellyanne conway's past, she was an adviser to todd akin during the legitimate rape controversy back in 2012, and she advised him to weather the storm like david koresh at waco. if that is how donald trump continues to approach this debacle, he is a dead candidate. i seriously doubt that the guy will ever drop out like he should. he really is going to have to drop out, too, just because the rnc rules -- it would be impossible to get 75% of the rnc to vote for a new candidate at this point. maybe not, though. maybe not. this is pretty bad. but this is a serious crisis and trump is only making it worse. >> michael, can you walk us through what that would look like? elise touched on it. what would happen if -- and it's a big if -- donald trump did decide to step aside? is it too late? because a lot of people say based on the rules and the filing deadlines, it is. >> yeah, the operating rule here is rule 9. which deals with a vacancy of
10:13 am
other nominees. that occurs in two ways. one, if he dies, or two, he resigns. there is no mechanism for him to removed as the nominee. people just need get that out of their head. it doesn't exist in our rules. secondly, if he decides to step down then more than likely what would happen would be pence would be the first go-to. the committee would have to vote. you would need a significant -- super majority of delegates to vote on that. that probably would happen. but again, you're crushed by the clock. you're crunched by the calendar here. and so it is -- this is one of those storms that you're out in the middle of the ocean on it. and it's battering and beating you. you're just going to have to weather it out. the party has got a problem here. it's got a big problem. and it is not an easy one to resolve. as elise pointed out. there are no good endings to this. none. and so even if trump decides to, you know, step down two weeks from now, what are you going to
10:14 am
do? if he decides tomorrow night after the debate to step down, what are you going to do? getting all the pieces in place to change ballots across the country, all of that is just more than the party, i think, can handle. so this is a storm we're going to have to weather. >> and elise, jump in there. you hear michael talk about the impact for the party, and that seems to be the broad concern right now. paul ryan seems to be trying to give those down ballot republicans and down ballot races cover, essentially, to distance themselves from donald trump. do you think republicans can hold on to the senate, or is this something that could cost republicans the senate? a number of house seats? >> i think with such a weak nominee, certainly it does hurt us in the senate. it hurts republican down -- down ballot republicans when he keeps opening his mouth and making it worse. and digging into this crisis when he cannot show any remorse and with the opposition that's going to come out, there is going to be more bad opo coming
10:15 am
out. there are a lot more tapes from behind the scenes, just at "access hollywood." i think there are 12 to 14 other tapes that haven't yet been released. this is only going to get uglier and that is not going to be good for down ballot republicans. >> elise -- >> can i just real quick -- >> go ahead, jump in. >> the polls are showing that there's a buy bifor occasion. so in states like pennsylvania and ohio, our candidates are not feeling the weather of a donald trump. and i doubt that there will be much association. this is not 2006 where people were mad at the party. and therefore the republican label was a bad brand. here you have people who are disgusted with the nominee. not necessarily the u.s. senator from their state who is on the ballot. so i think we need to be careful and sort of expanding this, all of a sudden now all of this is going to wet the feet of congressional and senatorial candidates. the evidence so for showing they have weathered the front end of this storm and it would likely be okay on the back end.
10:16 am
>> before i let you go, elise, i just want to follow up. you have indicated there are more tapes. do you know that, how do you know that? >> it's been reported, right, that they are going to -- they're just starting looking into -- i'm trying to remember where i read this. >> she's right. >> you think that -- you think hugh hewitt -- hugh hewitt said earlier today, there is going to be more opo dumped on donald trump. >> absolutely. in the primary, every gop candidate's campaigns thought that someone else was going to do the dirty work of digging through donald trump's opposition. digging into all the dirt in his background, and a lot of campaigns concluded they didn't have the resources and attacking trump only alienated trump supporters so they needed to stay in the race because everyone who attacked him went down in the polls so now we're reaping a whirlwind a month before the election just because we didn't do our due diligence during the primary and handle this up front. this was the first question that donald trump -- one of the very first questions donald trump got
10:17 am
at the first debate in the republican primary. and we are here today, a month before the election, and this is what's happening. >> all right. elise jordan, michael steele, thank you so much for that perspective. really appreciate it. and what impact will this trump controversy have on tomorrow night's debate? we'll ask two former debate moderators. that's when they join me in just a moment. we'll be right back. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregivedetermined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as y do. learn more at
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. i believe our only option is to formally ask mr. trump to step down. and to allow republicans the opportunity to elect someone who will provide us with the strong leadership so desperately needed, and one that americans deserve. >> i was offended and dismayed
10:21 am
by what was said, and done by mr. trump. i think it's degrading to our women, to our daughters, our gra granddaughters, to future generations. and i -- dearly hope that we will come together as a nation and stand as firmly as we possibly can for the principles that have made us the shining city on a hill. not just here. we're not just a shining city on the hill for ourselves but for people around the world. >> and that was nevada senate candidate, joe heck, and former presidential candidate, mitt romney, weighing in on this audiotape by donald trump. joining me now to discuss this further is hellessa, mcqueen. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> i just want to get your gut reaction to what you heard on that audiotape. are you still supporting donald trump? >> absolutely. i'm supporting him 100%. i think we really need to put
10:22 am
this into perspective. so we have a candidate, donald trump, who said something 11 years ago. with another individual. and that was recorded and now they're bringing this to light. trump apologized. he made a statement. and i think we need to put some perspective in that now we have another candidate, secretary clinton, who actually in recent history has lied to the american people, lied to the fbi, lied to congress, and she has done things that have affected people's lives while she was in office. and i think that's much more relevant than what somebody says 11 years ago. i don't know why this has -- well, in some ways i do know. because people -- there's a lot of people who don't want to see trump succeed. but i don't -- i don't put a whole lot of -- a whole lot of -- i don't have a lot of problem with moving forward. from what he said. >> let me ask you about the crux of your argument, right, which is that this happened 11 years
10:23 am
ago. what you heard donald trump say in that video last night was that seems like he plans to go after former president bill clinton for some of his actions from 20 years ago. so ishat the right strategy, is that the right approach? i mean, if what he did in his past is irrelevant, does it make sense for him to go after what bill clinton did in his past? >> again, it's all about perspective. and it's all about the context. you know, bill clinton was actually in office when all of this happened. he was in the oval office. >> but what trump needs to do is win over women voters, right? if he brings this up and essentially tries to blame secretary clinton for something that bill clinton did, doesn't he run the risk of alienating the very voters that he needs more of, those suburban women that women voters in general? >> i think the bottom line is that, you know, 11 years ago he made a comment and people are all up in arms about it. and really, again, going back to hillary clinton, this is recent
10:24 am
history. this is recent history. you know, and i frankly agree with trump. she should be in jail. and yet she is somehow qualified and because he made a comment 11 years ago, he's not qualified? doesn't make sense at all. >> and i'm sure you've been watching the news coverage every hour another republican comes forward and essentially says i can't support donald trump and calls for him to get out, including john thune, the first leader, congressional leader to come forward and call for him to get out of this race. can he survive this? just from a practical standpoint? >> i absolutely think that trump can svive this. and i think he will win in november. >> what does he need to do tomorrow night to survive? because a lot of people look at tomorrow night and say it's do or die. >> i think he needs to do what he's been doing. in the first debate, the talking heads, right and left, said he lost the debate, da, da, da, but then all of these online polls, 30-plus polls, overwhelmingly,
10:25 am
he was the winner. >> but those aren't scientific polls. >> not scientific, but a lot of people watch the debates that have never watched a debate in their life and they're not constantly involved in the political process like you or i are. so they come from a fresh perspective. what trump really can do is talk to people on their level. he can talk to people, he can relate, and that is what he is going to do tomorrow, as well. he is very good at this. and now with this town hall meeting, that's actually to his benefit, to his advantage. because he can speak to the american people. look, you know, i'm hispanic, obviously you have noticed i'm female. i'm a lot of things. i was a veteran for five years. i served in the u.s. army. and i'm a mother of a child with a special needs. so i am a lot of things and a lot of categories. but you know what, i'm an american first. and that is truly what trump is bringing together. and i'm very excited about his candidacy and very excited to support him. >> really appreciate your joining me this afternoon. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you.
10:26 am
shifting gears now, right now more than 400,000 people are without power in south carolina because of hurricane matthew. so far the kacategory 1 storm killed four people in the u.s., all in florida. officials in georgia are asseting the damage after wind and rain toppled trees and caused major flooding, more than 280,000 homes and businesses remain without power. nbc's morgan radford is in charleston, south carolina, from where hurricane matthew matthew made landfall. what is it like where you are right there? it looks very windy, looks pretty bad. >> reporter: kristen, these winds are howling. i want to show you very quickly some of the cleanup here that's happening. you can see where these trees are down, and in the middle of the flooded downtown of charleston. people here are picking up these trees, also downed power lines. you can see these signs swaying in the wind. i want to show you here, mostly emergency vehicles made it through the flooded street. the governor has said this storm
10:27 am
surge is the third highest we have seen in the city of charleston. we can see some cars trying to make it through here, through the crowded street, crowded only with water. but i want you to see where this water has even gone up to this gas station. people here have been filling their tanks with gas. right now the city is almost without gas as people are in evacuation shelters, like the high school, hunkering down, and that's where they're told to stay safe. governor nikki haley came out today and said today is not the day to leave. tomorrow is not the day to leave. because it's precisely this aftermath of the storm that people are worried about. we have been in a high wind advisory for this area. these winds whipping by, up to 75 miles per hour in some places. this has also been under curfew, only lifted at 6:00 a.m. today. and this is as people are concerned about not only these surging floodwaters, but also these winds and the downed power. this is what we're seeing right here on the scene in charleston as people are trying to move through the city and stay safe, kristen. >> all right. and morgan, we hope you will do
10:28 am
the same. please stay safe out there. thank you for your great reporting. really appreciate it. >> reporter: absolutely. what impact will this trump controversy have on tomorrow night's debate? we'll ask two former debate moderators when they join me in just a moment. you don't want to miss that discussion. stay with us. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my op... a face... no one will forget. see what the pow of pots can do for your business. learn more at
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our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls. and six is greater than one. with flonase, moreplete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful momen flonase, six is greater than one, chges everything. ♪ and welcome back. i'm kristen welker here at msnbc world headquarters at new york. bill political news we are following. donald trump heading into tomorrow night's debate with nearly three dozen republican lawmakers condemning his lewd comments and some calling for him to step aside. joining me, two former debate moderators, journalists and ray suarez and carol simpson from the town hall debate in 1992 between bill clinton and ross perot. thank you for being here. i admire your work so much. it's a real honor to talk to you today. really appreciate it. >> thanks a lot.
10:32 am
>> thank you. >> carol, let me start with you. we knew there were going to be fireworks on sunday night. i want to put you in the shoes of the debate moderators for tomorrow. how do you prepare when there has been so much breaking news, so many developments over the past 24 hours? >> well, you know, when i make appearances on shows like yours, i usually have notes on my pad. as you can see, there are no notes on my pad. because i don't know what to say. last night i was extremely disturbed. we have been laughing at what trump has been saying, and i was prepared to come in here and talk to you about the debate, prethe the billy bush encounter. now with his having committed, i think, this crime against women, i -- am not sure what's going to happen. just let me tell you that in the town hall debate, you have to
10:33 am
have rapport with the people. hillary clinton will do well, because she is used to touching people and hugging people and so on. donald trump looks gruff as he answers everything. you rarely see him smile. i can't see him really connecting with the people that are going to be asking him questions tomorrow night. >> ray, take me inside how you would prepare or think about this type of debate. because carol obviously raises all of the challenges, the fact that this has changed the news cycle so dramatically. but the public, they're going to want to hear about this, but they are also going to want to hear about the issues, right? i mean, how in a town hall-style format do you navigate both? >> well, it's interesting what carol says about impressing people one-on-one and in a high-touch candidate versus a low-touch candidate. as michael steele mentioned earlier in the hour, this is going to drive audience. so in effect, you'll have tens
10:34 am
of millions of americans sitting in the world's largest jury on what may be the last weekend of a realistic shot for donald trump. but in a way, the debate gods may have smiled on donald trump, because the town hall might be the best format. the best venue to ride this one out. he's going to have to say something about it, one way or the other. but the moderator is less of a factor, and i'll be interested to hear what carol says about this. but in the standard debate, the moderator would be duty-bound to ask about it. >> right. >> les they be accused of taking it on the nominee. here the pressure is on people, regular people, to ask these questions. they're not as good at being adversarial. if you look back at the town halls, you will see they're pretty polite, often deferential. so the debate gods may have smiled on donald trump that it's
10:35 am
the town hall rather than a standard debate tomorrow. >> carol, what about that point? have the debate gods smiled on donald trump, because it's a town hall? what do you think? >> i don't think so. i think it's going to be really bad for him. ray, i appreciate what you had to say. but you have to have that -- you have to have something, you're dealing with ordinary people. and they're terrified in this debate setting, thinking millions of people are watching them. and so they are going to be reluctant to ask their questions. but i think they're going to be compelled to ask about things like the tax returns. i don't think they're interested in the economy as much. i think they want to know more about trump, the man, and are going to ask those tough questions. >> and just to be devil's advocate. when you talk to trump supporters and aides within his campaign, they say a town hall-style format benefits him,
10:36 am
because he's a tv guy. he's got a big personality. i mean, what about that part of the argument, carol? >> but he has got to talk one-on-one. there is going to be one person that is going to be asking him questions. in my debate in '92, bill clinton showed president bush up terribly. because when a young woman asked a question, he just stood back near his chair and he didn't really answer the question. and bill clinton walked right up to that woman, arms' length, and told her in the most human terms of how he understood what she was going through. i don't think donald trump is capable of that. i don't think he can put an arm around her and say "you shouldn't worry about this kind of thing." and i think you need that when you're dealing with the regular citizens. >> ray, we are talking so much about the audience participation tomorrow night. but the moderators have a really
10:37 am
important role as well. what do you expect them to do? what do they need to do tomorrow night to be successful? >> well, there's going to be a mix of issues that are raised. there has to be in a town hall debate. and there is so much that's out there this campaign season. they are going to have to bring up the elephant in the room, if it the questioners from the general public to not. and how they do that, i don't want to exaggerate how difficult that kind of thing is. trump has apologized for what was said on that tape. a lot of the people who support him all the way are already framing their apologies for it, and their explanations of it and their excuses for it, as we heard your guest earlier this hour. and so you have to be careful as a debate moderator. i also don't want to forget that hillary clinton has some tough choices to make. because how she brings it up, whether she brings it up, and in what manner she makes that punch land will also reflect well or
10:38 am
badly on her. it's not the evidence essest thing to do, even when you perceive your opponent as under pressure and on the defensive to land that blow. >> and just very quickly to both of you, because we're just about out of time. this is about as big an october surprise as i think we could imagine. carol, starting with you, put it into context, though. we've had october surprises before. and candidates have survived them. how does this match up? is it survivable? >> i think it's the accumulation of things. and this was like the final straw. i mean, i have watched the entire campaign, and see him make remarks after remarks that people would not find savory. but this is kind of the last go-round. and i don't think people can forgive this. and as you say, and i didn't know so many were lining up, so many republican office-holders were lining up to disavow him.
10:39 am
and that he's disinvited from the wisconsin event. i think -- i tnk it's dwindling for him. i think he's going down. down. >> ray, final comment? what do you think? >> if he does enough to stop the bleeding tomorrow night, and everybody is going to have to decide for themselves what that is. watch for monday morning. because so far, it's people who don't have a race this cycle or are in a very tough race or a romp that have so far chosen to pull themselves out of the ranks of trump supporters. that big group in the middle. watch them monday morning. if donald trump for them and in their districts and their states closes the sail tomorrow night, you will see them hang in. but if they start rushing for the exits tomorrow, nobody wants to be the last person off the "titanic." >> all right. great final word. ray suarez, carol simpson. really appreciate it. >> thanks a lot.
10:40 am
hurricane matthew's assault on the southeast coast and the threat of flooding. how bad will it get? and "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd, will share his thoughts on the trump tape. and next, a story that might have fallen through the cracks in the wake of yesterday's big news. we'll have that when we come right back.
10:41 am
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heythere's a more enjoyabley! way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help suprt regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber. and now to the other big story we're monitoring. hurricane matthew. nbc's blake mccoy in myrtle beach, south carolina. set the scene. how bad is it there? >> reporter: well, kristen, this is the worst that we have seen as hurricane matthew has made its march up the east coast. it has been downgraded to a category 1 hurricane. as you can tell, don't let that fool you. it is still a very, very powerful storm out here with huge wind gusts, and the big concern has been and continues to be the storm surge. i want you to take a look here. because see where this water has come up?
10:44 am
this was a walking path along the beach. there used to be a fence there. you can see a few of the fence posts still sticking up. i'm going to ditch this hat before the hat ditches me. but there used to be a fence there where those fence posts are and about a 1 feet worth of beach front. all of that is gone. high tide right now and we have also seen some storm surge. so you can see the water coming up. this has been the big concern here in south carolina for low-lying areas. and homes that are along the water as that storm surge would flood those homes. that's why areas like i'm in, they're currently evacuated right now. 355,000 people here in south carolina have heeded the warning to evacuate. and we are expecting tropical storm force winds here in myrtle beach into the evening. so while this storm is certainly one that's weakening, it is not over yet and south carolina's governor, nikki haley, gave a press conference a short time ago, urging people to still be cautious as they're out and about, and really to stay home,
10:45 am
stay off the roads, leave them for emergency vehicles. and you can see gusts like that that make it quite difficult to stand up. kristen, this is expected through the evening. so everyone is being urged to stay home as hurricane matthew continues its march towards north carolina. >> blake mccoy it looks absolutely treacherous out there. so please stay safe. thank you for that reporting. get inside. mike pence's condemnation of trump's comments. what impact will that have? that's coming up. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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10:49 am
contributor for the huffington post and kasie hunt in st. louis, the site of tomorrow's second presidential debate. kasie, i want to start with you. the clinton campaign letting donald trump stew in this horrible news cycle. is she going to bring it up tomorrow? what's the strategy? >> hey, kristen. i mean, it -- would you get in the way of this if you were the clinton campaign? i mean, you know, it rights itself and that's where they are right now. they are telling people not close to the campaign, hey, just wait this out. this is something that clinton herself will address when she gets on stage tomorrow night. and the stakes already so high for donald trump. we saw it fall after the first debate. everybody looking to see whether he could recover. ask this really puts the clinton campaign in a position that, you know, i don't know they ever expected to be in quite this position. i think the expectation was this was possible that more of these
10:50 am
comments would come out over time. but this clearly is of a degree that they hadn't grappled with yet. i have been talking to democratic and republican to a , they say that they believe that this race is over and that trump won't be able to recover. >> all right. we just have a few minutes left. peter, you say this is survivable. how? >> i think it's survivable by simply, he has to keep showing up, apologizing, trying to be humble. by saying that, it may make it t almost impossible, because we haven't seen any evidence of this. what i was particularly keen of hearing from him is that he apologized, not because he was caught, but in this case, i think he absolutely knows the seriousness of what he just has been found out. >> yeah, susan, this moment does feel different. donald trump has proven he is a survivor. but is this moment different? >> it's definitely different, because of the calendar. we only have 31 days.
10:51 am
donald trump has been able to survive a bad week or two and come back, then go down, and come back. you don't have that happening now. also, what's very different is you see a lot of people speaking out against these remarks, very quickly. i thought a lot of people would hold to see how he did after the debate and then make a decision, but this is just an avalanche of republicans coming out against what he said. >> it does feels like an avalanche. peter, what do you make of mike pence's statement? it was very harsh on one hand, then he said, i look forward to hear what he has to say at the debate tomorrow. >> i think he's trying to separate himself, also but not totally, and setting it up for mike pence 2020. i think that's pretty clear right now. i think what's really struck me about all of this is that donald trump is the first candidate that we know of, out of the reality world, the kardashian age, as i call it, and right now the tribal council at survivor trump is deciding where they're going to go and how they're going to go. >> talk about what's happening inside of trump towers right now?
10:52 am
because they are hunkering down. >> and it's a crazy dynamic up there. you have kellyanne conway, the ultimate professional, who's great at messaging, but at the same time, you have roger ailes, rudy giuliani, and chris christie whispering in his ears, and they are all very aggressive people. when a scandal hits, you double down on it. that's not what donald trump can do right now, especially going into this debate, which is a town hall setting. so what they're probably preaching probably won't work. >> and he's signaling that he's probably going to go after president clinton. is that smart? >> no. because in a town hall format, it's not conducive to belligerent, bellicose, nasty, poisonous words. all clinton has to do is two things. she has to be the arsonist, she has to ignite his fire. because there's no evidence that he can control his emotions. and she quickly becomes the fire person, the fireman, and quietly and calmly assures the audience and this country that she can be commander in chief and keep us safe. >> and there's one other thing
10:53 am
in that debate. there's 40 undecided independents who are going to be asking the questions. and after that debate, they're going to be asked, did you change your mind? so, no one's going to be able to spin, whether it's a real poll or some of these fabricated polls that come out. these are people who are going to determine who won and who lost, and it's going to be whichever candidate was able to win them over. and donald trump doubling down on president clinton is not going to do it. >> kasie, we have about 30 seconds left. what is secretary clinton's strategy going to be tomorrow night to get out her own policy positions? because that's going to be a key part of it at this town hall event. >> reporter: it is going to be a key part of it, andic that's where, you know, they want to have their focus. she's been doing four days of debate prep policy, it's been a big part of it. they are also, of course, preparing to try to handle what they now expect will be attacks on bill clinton, which, of course, they didn't face in the first debate. so the strategy seems to be,
10:54 am
take wlahatever comes, turn it into a policy conversation, if they can, and stay out of trump's way. >> stacy, susan, and peter, great conversation. thanks so much. more on the trump tape at the top of the hour, with "meet the press" moderator chuck todd with what it all means for the rest of this wild campaign. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the per of points can door your business. learn more at heythere's a more enjoyabley! way to get your fiber. see what the per of points can door your business. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber.
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and that'll do it for me for this hour. my fellow road warrior, the great katy tur takes over anchor duties and she'll have chuck todd with his take on the trump tapes. i'm kristen welker, have a great day, everyone. we thought fibers that help you stay regular
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caused unwanted gas. not go. then we switched to new mirafiber. only mirafiber supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. try new mirafiber. from the makers of miralax. good afternoon. i'm katy tur. we are following two major stories at this hour. donald trump apologizing after being caught on a hot mike bragging that he could grope, some say sexually assault women, because he is a celebrity.


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